Michael Ward

Fundraising Data Specialist
My key strengths
I have over four years’ experience turning under-utilised data into a powerful resource.

It’s time to unlock the potential of your data and make something special.


Explore your data to identify the highest capacity donors, then perform powerful segmentation to maximise response rate and ROI

Donor Behaviour & Trends

Get to know your donors better – lean what makes them give, how to approach them and how to keep them on board longer

Campaign Analysis

Accurate and detailed intelligence to track your campaigns and identify best practice for your donors and your income

Mailing Lists

Prepare comprehensive mailing lists featuring dynamic ask values, custom donor information and variable fields

SQL Reporting

Create and manage creative SQL reporting to extract powerful intelligence from existing data

Data Presentation & Visualisation

Need to make a point to the Board? I prepare meaningful reports and graphics to transform raw data into persuasive arguments